Arjunpreet Singh Sahni

Executive Director - Solitairian Group

arjunpreet singh sahni

About Me

Arjunpreet is an entrepreneur with the heart of gold. He has played a commendable role in providing a new concept of helping the society and its people with his best efforts. He has made remarkable changes in the multiple fields like, Banking, Finance and infrastructure. He is a man of vision and his goals are set high for the common man. Being a kind hearted man he has served society with the best of his knowledge and wealth. Belonging to Bibi Surjeet Kaur Charitable trust has put forward his character in front of society apart from being an energetic entrepreneur. He acts like a child to toddlers and to see a smile on their faces he behaves as if he is one of them. Gifting them with sweets and necessary items is what he always looks forward to. His kind heart possesses kindness for elderly women and his respect for them is clearly visible through his nature of helping and giving the various necessities of life to them. He very well understands the necessity of healthy food. That made him distributes fresh fruits to the budding stars. Not only its women and kids he appreciates the most, whereas he believes in encouraging players as well. There are many sports in our country which needs to be encouraged and Arjunpreet Singh is also making advancements in this field at his own level. Encouraging players with their necessary play equipment is what he focuses on. Being a caring and heartfelt person he likes to spend time with kids and elderly. For his commendable work in various fields he has been rewarded with ample awards and accolades. He is a man of principal and with down to earth personality. Moreover, he is religious and actively takes part in the religious programs.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Arjunpreet Singh is not only a young entrepreneur, but a Corporate Social Responsible person. He not only help ample people at various levels, but he also spends his hard earned money for the betterment of society. He feels hoarding money is just the stage of money and it needs to be in liquid form so that it comes back with good returns. His concept of sharing is not restricted to the distribution of money, whereas what he believes is, work for every hand. You can feed people for a day or two, but,practically this won’t last long, whereas generating a valid source of income for them what he believes in. He wants to help society by employing maximum people to work so that they can earn well and live a happy life. This way he is indirectly helping the society by eradicating unemployment. He also focuses on the all-round development of society. His best efforts are for people and their comfortable lives.


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My Book

Arjunpreet Singh Sahni is the Executive Director of Solitairian Group, is the driving force behind the long and successful journey of his company. Not-a-cliche is his first novel and he wrote this novel at the age of twenty.


Riches respect and love. What else could a guy ask for? kabir undoubtedly has everything that one could dream of. Not-a-cliché is the story of kabir's life. Living life king sized and dating the prettiest girl of his school, his life is nothing less than perfect. But, on the extravagant occasion of his eighteenth birthday, he does something terrible out of jealousy which turns his world upside down. Om the hope for a better future, he is sent away to the United Kingdom till the time he apologizes for his wrong doings. But, the only problem being that they can't remember what he did and why! In This roller coaster of events, will he ever know? Revolving around the pursuit of truth, this tale is about losing love and finding it. Of course, not without a little drama..


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